Did you Know?
The Columbia Luncheon Club has a member that is currently serving as the International President for Cosmopolitan International?
John Hubert, Cosmo member since 2008, began his term in July 2017 and has been traveling the United States during his term as President asking Cosmo members to "Show Me Cosmo Pride."  John has been an active member with the Columbia Luncheon Club since he joined in 2008 and has served as the President of the Luncheon Club and Governor of the Mo-Kan Federation during his time as a Cosmo.  Before serving his current term as the International President, John also served as the Vice-President of Marketing for Cosmopolitan International. John's involvement in our club has truly been across the board from serving in leadership roles to helping out every Wednesday with bingo at the Sigmund Cosmopolitan Center!
John has been married to fellow Cosmo Anita Hubert for 30 years and they have four children and eight grandchildren!
Would you like to learn more about John and his mission during his term as the Cosmo International President?  Click the link below for more information!