Columbia Luncheon
Sigmund Cosmopolitan Center
1715 Burlington Street
Columbia, MO  65202
United States of America

Please join us for the 67th annual Pancake & Sausage Day on Saturday, January 27, 2018 from 6 am to 1 pm at the Jerry Sigmund Cosmopolitan Center.  All proceeds from the event are used to fund donations and projects within the Boone County community.  Money raised from the event this year will be given to Camp Hickory Hill, JobPoint and other organizations!

Tickets sales are happening now!  Please contact Tim Dollens at timdollens@gmail.com to purchase tickets in advance or click the link below! Tickets are only $7.00 in advance or $8.00 at the door.  Keep checking back on options to purchase your tickets in advance! Donations are also welcome if you are unable to attend.

Come out and bring your family for a great meal. The sausage is amazing and the event is coordinated by volunteers from the Cosmo Luncheon Club and Cosmo Breakfast Club!